Why Make Intracal Your Calcium Supplement of Choice

Since making it’s first appearance in the market, Intracal has become one of the leading calcium supplements in the market. This highly advanced form of Calcium and Magnesium Orotate Supplement based on Dr. Hans Neiper’s research on dealing with joint discomforts has transformed the daily requirement of calcium to another level. Though individuals find it difficult to determine the amount of calcium need on their body, Dr. Hans’s groundbreaking research has provided the answer to the problem. Here are some of the reasons why you need Intracal.For detail information you can access the following website www.intracal.net.

healthy-intracalIt is common knowledge that you need calcium in order to maintain the amount of calcium need o. However, it is emerging that improper calcium supplementation is likely to cause some health problems. The improper supplementation of calcium is known to increase the risks of strokes as well as heart attacks. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that wrong calcium supplement provides no significant health benefit as promised by the supplement providers.


It is safe and effective

So, what is it meant by the correct calcium supplementation? The answer is simple any bio-available supplement is the correct calcium supplementation for human beings. Most of the supplements available in the market are not bio-available. They originate from calcium carbonate simply for monetary purpose. The dangers behind taking such supplements is that they get into the bloodstream, then deposited in the arteries, heart and blood vessels, thus resulting in severe valve damage as a result of reduced flexibility. If deposited in the brains you are likely to suffer from mental impairment.

It is highly bio-available

What makes Intracal a special calcium supplement? As mentioned before the secret is behind the use of calcium supplement that are highly bio-available. In addition, they must be used in the amounts that are needed by your body. In order to increase the bio-availability of in Intracal the manufacturers mixed it with magnesium that is available in mineral salt orate form. To achieve the efficiency, the ratio between magnesium and calcium in Intracal is appropriate applied at a ratio of 2 to 1. The mineral uptake in your body is ensured by avoiding the use of the fillers or anti-caking agents in addition to other inappropriate materials used in making low standard supplements.

Penetrates to your cell membrane

In consideration of the quality and standard of manufacturing Intracal, there is no doubt that the calcium supplement has some health benefits. Intracal has been manufactured for the sole purpose of penetrating to your cell membrane and deliver calcium where it is needed most in your body. This is achieved through aiding your body’s absorption of calcium directly into your skeletal tissues with the aid of magnesium. Characteristically, the magnesium orate undertakes the role of calcium transporter in your body. In addition, the magnesium is essentially significant in keeping a healthy cardiovascular system, improving and maintaining the correct blood pressure in addition to promoting a relaxed mood. The combination of calcium and magnesium orotates has enabled efficient delivery of the required levels of calcium to your body for optimum health and cellur health.

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