What method would you choose to cleanse your colon?

We all know that toxins are bad for our health. People who practice the nontraditional medicine consider that the toxins and dangerous substances accumulated in our organisms may cause autointoxication, therefore illnesses and disorders that harm our health. In order to fight against autointoxication and to restore the health, people have started to detoxify the body.
Oxy-Powder is a natural product that supports the detoxification of colon, by releasing oxygen to cleanse the body and promoting the intestinal harmony.
In case if you suffer from bloating, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, constipation, poor appetite, diarrhea, bad breath, body odor, weight problems, insufficient energy or you have a weak immune system, you probably need a detoxification.
cleanse-your-colonThe physicians in ancient Egypt are known to be the firsts who believed that the toxins from the putrefactive feces are absorbed in the general circulation, producing fever and harming the health. Nowadays, detoxifying the colon has come back into vogue.
Colon cleansing as a treatment for autointoxication utilizes specially designed apparatus to irrigate the bowel. Performed by a trained practitioner in a medical office, this method of cleansing the colon is actually used by almost a hundred of years.
The procedure of cleansing the colon consists in inserting a tube into the rectum, tube which is connected to a device that controls the flow of the purified water and the temperature. Slowly, the water is introduced into the colon, little by little. Almost 20 gallons of filtered water are inserted, while the therapist massages the stomach and alternates with pauses, to allow the body to acclimate with the water. The fluids and feces are eliminates through another tube and removed. All this cleansing method takes about one hour.
Practitioners claim that this irrigation detoxifies and cleanse the walls of the intestines, supporting the colon to eliminate the waste and the toxins stored on the walls and removing the harmful substances that otherwise are absorbed in the organism.
Before deciding to have a colon cleanse through irrigation, make sure that the procedure will be performed by a trained practitioner that uses only sterile equipment. Although this is considered a secure procedure, it may cause nausea, infection, discomfort, dehydration, electrolyte failure and even rectal perforation. Even more, the organism may misinterpret the cleansing additives as dangerous invaders, increasing the discomfort.
This is how the colonic irrigation is produced, to obtain a cleanse colon. But, because we all know the significance of detoxification, why wouldn’t we choose a natural and non-invasive method that does not include so much discomfort?
Oxy-Powder is a natural and powerful product, clinically proven to be effective and to reduce the symptoms associated with constipation or with a body intoxicated with toxins. Being a natural, safe and secure supplement that oxidizes the waste materials and assists their elimination, Oxy-Powder does not cause any unwanted side effects and gently cleanse the walls of the intestines.
Take Oxy-Powder for a healthy and natural colon cleanse and promote a healthy digestive system!

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