Is Provillus Effective or Not?

Provillus is a food supplement that contains various nutrients, vitamins and minerals that hinders hair loss and promote its growth. It is mainly sold in either liquid or powder form. It is a product that can restore your self-confidence especially to those who come from families that are prone to hair loss or suffer slow hair growth.

How it works
provillus-hair-growthThe main active ingredients in Provillus are Minoxidil, Saw Palmetto and Azelaic acid, these ingredients help to restore your hair by inhabiting dihydrotestosterone which is known to suppress hair growth and cause of baldness in men. These ingredients also increases the rate of hair growth and density of hair. There is a specialised list of use depending on gender, men will usually take larger quantity because they are more prone to hair loss than women. The use also varies from one person to another depending on your condition, thus you may require medical direction on amount that you should use.

How to use
Provillus should be applied twice a day especially morning and evening hours. It takes minimum of six months to notice progress.

Who are ideal candidate for Provillus?
Any person who is losing hair can use this product. Men are more prone to hair loss thus they are the most active customers. The recommended age is 18 years and above, children may require medical checkup before using this product. Women who have low hair density and whose hair has slow growth rate may use this product.

How effective is Provillus?
Although this product is marketed as a natural product that boosts hair growth and prevents it loss, there are no clinical evidences to support this. Though some people claim that it is very effective and has helped hair growth and prevention of hair loss, some say it is not effective at all. There are also claims that this product has not been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some people also claim that after using it their situation got worse and their hair started ripping off.

There is different experiences with Provillus, although majority seems to acknowledge that it is effective, a good proportion thinks that this product is crap and only met to siphon people’s money.

To get desired results, you should use it for more than 6 months. Those who claim that Provillus is not effective may have used for a short time, but there is still mixed outcomes from use of Provillus.

Some of the fact you should know before using Provillus are listed on

Even after it use, hair growth will be slow and will take some time.

People are different and no single product will work for all of us, Provillus may be very effective to you but not to your friend.

You need to continue using this product continuously, if you quit using after hair has grown, there is likelihood that hair loss might return.

How to order Provillus

Provillus can be bought over the counter but it is good to seek medical advice before using it. There are many online shops that you can buy from. If you order online, you need to check reputability of the company you are purchasing from, some may sell counterfeit which will end up thwarting your health. You can check their reputability by going through customers reviews.

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