How to naturaly treat hive

Cold is not the only one that cause hive, but can also affect the skin. There are times when cold air causes irritation. How to treat hive occurred in the cold?

Among the factors that can trigger hives include cold air, exposure to wind cold days, contact with objects and surfaces with low temperature, or contact with snow or cold water.

naturaly-treat-hiveSince this is a hypersensitivity disorder, triggered by cold hive is not present in all people, but only those who have a genetic predisposition in this case it can manifest it since childhood. Cold hive can begin in adulthood, however, the people who have abnormal proteins in the blood or blood disorders.

People with cold hive symptoms can present it not only in winter but in summer, when drinking cold drinks. In this case the eruption may occur in the digestive and respiratory mucosa and can lead to severe complications, so rash occurring in winter and cold seem to be triggered dermatologist should be addressed to establish a certain diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Treatment of hive on cold involves administering antihistamines and preventive measures such as avoiding the cold, wearing fur scarf gloves, avoid contact with cold surfaces or objects and snow and cold drinks consumption. Pink spots can appear all over the body.

Hives is an allergic condition that is manifested by the appearance of skin pale pink plates, similar to those caused by contact with the nettle, a few millimeters and a bridge hand. Rash is accompanied by intense itching.

Three remedies against itching:

Yellow plum

To alleviate itching it may apply local compresses with herbal tea with effect of cleansing as nettle, pansy, burdock, or yellow plum and underbrush.


Cons itching indicated decoction of yellow Iris. In 250 ml of boiling water put 2 teaspoons hizome powder then allowed to soak for 2 hours, then boiled again for 10-15 minutes at slow fire. Strain and make local lavage using sterile bandages.

Aloe vera

Creams or aloe vera gel are allies against urticaria. You can opt for aloe vera in pot. Break off a leaf and apply to irritated skin to relieve continues itching.


Used for a long time, OxyHives is a homeopathic treatment. The website promoting this product, is informing us that oxyhives treats hive and its symptoms such as itching, pain, redness, swelling and burning. Identification of the causative agent undertakes ill person to avoid contact with the allergen responsible. For example, if a person with hives, swelling, skin testing to a food results are positive, the solution case are extended without that food diet and trying to inflict specific hypo-sensitization with professionalism and patience. Also, if the results are positive to molds in damp house is recommended, of course, a time to live in a house without dampness. Meanwhile consult a doctor who will not follow other symptoms reappear, possibly another factor. If allergic phenomena appear to use drugs, it is recommended to stop taking them and replace with other tolerated drugs. At the same applies to airborne allergens directly responsible for the symptoms that should be avoided completely removed.

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